Assembly Magazine Sept. 2018

LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc., your trusted partner for assembly and test automation solutions, presents the all new V2 version of the LOGO!MAT e-Cart system. Increase efficiency and cut down on production costs by streamlining your assembly and test processes with this innovative conveyor solution.
The LOGO!MAT e-Cart system offers Industry 4.0 features combined with safety and simplicity in a revolutionary new conveyance concept. The e-Cart employs self-driven, smart work piece carriers that travel along a passive, low-profile, walkable track. The e-Cart system offers many key advantages over traditional conveyor systems specifically in regards to safety. Check out our booth #2320 at the Assembly Show 2018 to experience the difference first-hand. 
The new LOGO!MAT e-Cart system boasts Industry 4.0 features such as both data communication and self-diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, drive parameters can be changed automatically at stop units and each Cart offers constant auxiliary energy drawn from the power rail in the tracks for your electrically actuated tooling.
Visit our booth to discuss our revolutionary conveyor options and let our experts help determine the optimal solution for your next application. LOGOMAT offers proven assembly and test conveyor systems with excellent planning and technical support from the beginning on, and our wide variety of standard components and features are designed for minimal installation time and maximum availability both now and into the future. Combine all this with our competitive pricing and short lead times, and you have found the perfect partner for your conveyor needs. Come check out our entire product and service portfolio and see how you can benefit from joining the LOGOMAT family.
Our conveyor systems are designed with fl exibility of configuration in mind, meaning our standard, state-of-the-art components can easily be moved or retrofitted in your system. We even offer fully electric stations, like stop units, helping to eliminate the need for pressurized air running to all parts of your system. Additionally, decentralized smart components with their own intelligence help to streamline your main controls system and make future expansions or changes to your system quick and easy.
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. is more than just a supplier of high quality conveyor solutions, we are a long-term partner you can trust and rely on. Visit our booth #2320 and get a glimpse of our outstanding new products and ongoing, long-term, quality service.
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